Dr. Roy Heilbron, M.D. is an award-winning, board-certified cardiologist and internist — as well as one of today's foremost experts in holistic medicine. He is also the co-creator of the world-famous South Beach Diet. In The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure, he explains how you can normalize your blood pressure by natural means natural means – so you can get off your medications.

The Secret Reason
It's Been So Hard
To Control Your
Blood Pressure

— And How To
Change All That
In A Matter Of Days!

Here’s how to outwit
the 6 secret obstacles that are
preventing you from having
healthy blood pressure
— so you can finally achieve
the numbers you want
without needing drugs anymore:

Dear Reader Concerned About Your Blood Pressure,

Okay, so you’re salting your food less these days. (Ugh.)

And you’re forcing yourself to eat a low-fat diet. (Yuck.)

And you’re taking your blood pressure meds every day – (despite the nasty side effects they are producing).

If fact, you’re probably following
your doctor’s orders to a “T”
like a good patient…

So why is your blood pressure still stubbornly stuck at a level your doctor says is dangerous and unhealthy?

What’s wrong?

Well, here’s a fact that may knock your socks off:

The majority of people with high blood pressure
are in the same boat you are!

It’s absolutely true. And this is one of the best-kept secrets in health care today.

Most patients with high blood pressure (yes, most!) don’t have their blood pressure under control — even though they are doing everything their doctors are asking of them…

including taking one or more drugs!

And of those patients who do get their blood pressure under control with drugs, most pay a huge price with the uncomfortable side effects these drugs produce (including sexual impotence … chronic headaches … weight gain … insomnia .. and depression, just to name a few).

Blood pressure drugs aren't the best way to treat hypertension for a number of reasons. In most cases, the sooner you can get off them, the healthier you will be.

Now, here’s the good news:

There are better, safer, and more natural ways to bring your blood pressure into “the safety zone”…

…and the only side effects are more energya happier mood … and better health!

I know, because I've been able to get every one of my patients off these medications by normalizing their blood pressure with natural means. And usually in a very short time.

In a moment, I’ll give you some specific examples of how I do it – and the opportunity to “try them on for size” with your own blood pressure at absolutely no risk to you.

But first, let me introduce myself…

My name is Dr. Roy Heilbron, M.D. and I am an award-winning board-certified cardiologist and internist.

I became a heart doctor because I wanted to help defeat heart disease, the number one killer and crippler in the modern world.

But early in my career, I became discouraged by the severe limitations of conventional medicine.

Instead of curing our patients, we could only offer them the equivalent of extended “life support.” It was frustrating to realize that these people weren’t getting better from our drugs and surgeries.

At best, we only were able to slow down the speed of their decline — until they needed another stent, coronary bypass, or heart transplant.

How Dangerous Is High Blood Pressure?

Hypertension is the most dangerous health problem in America today.

It increases your risk of a fatal stroke by 400% ... of a sudden, deadly heart attack by 300% ... and dramatically raises your risk for diabetes.

It kills more than 1,000 Americans every day.

Incredibly, nearly 60% of American adults have abnormal blood pressure — and it is

dangerously high in 30% of them. (This number jumps to 50% in people over 60).

Here's the scariest statistic of all:

Over two-thirds of all patients don't have their blood pressure under control — even when they're on medication!

Could you be one of them?

If so, this important message is for you!

That’s when I “saw the light”

As a young doctor, I trained with Dr. Arthur Agatston and helped him create the world-famous South Beach Diet — the diet-and-lifestyle plan which has saved more people from heart attacks, strokes and other serious cardiovascular calamities than any other.

That experience opened my eyes to the remarkable power within certain foods and lifestyle habits to enhance — or destroy — our health and longevity.

And I never looked back.

I went on to educate myself in all manner of natural healing methods — and soon became proficient in the use of nutritional therapy … vitamin supplementation … exercise physiology … meditation, yoga, and stress reduction … plus the newest, cutting-edge non-drug treatment options .

As a result, I’m one of the few physicians who is well-versed in conventional cardiology and holistic medicine. This means I’m able to offer my patients the best of both worlds.

But enough about me — let’s talk about you

I see lots of patients who are worried about their high blood pressure, just like you are.

When they first come to me, almost all of them are taking a drug to treat it. (Indeed, many are taking two or three drugs for it.)

But in a very short time (sometimes after just a few days), most of these new patients are able to stop their medications entirely because their blood pressure is dramatically improved. (The videos testimonials scattered through this letter attest to this.)

This is because I’ve developed a very successful diet-and-lifestyle improvement program here at my clinic that gets to the root of most blood pressure problems — and corrects them — so that drugs are no longer necessary.

And here’s the best news of all:

Now, you can achieve these same results without leaving the comfort of your own home…

…and for a tiny fraction of the cost of my residential clinic program.

Plus: I will guarantee your success at normalizing your blood pressure — or you won’t pay a penny for giving it a try.

About My Co-author

Jim Healthy is America's Easy Health Coach™ and the best-selling author of The 30-Day Diabetes Cure and Arthritis Interrupted. He is also the founder and editor of the popular websites, JimHealthy.com and MyHealingKitchen.com, where he coaches and instructs readers on how to improve their personal health and medical conditions through wiser diet and lifestyle choices.

You see, with the help of the renowned health coach (and my good friend) Jim Healthy, I’ve made the key elements of my 30-day residential clinic program available in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that anyone can incorporate into their daily life.

Our new book is The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure

You can bet our book won't make us many new friends among doctors, drug salesmen, or food company executives...

...but it is sure to help millions of people struggling to control their blood pressure with medications ... bland, restrictive diets ... frustrating weight-loss programs ... and exhausting exercise workouts that aren’t producing results. (Sound familiar?)

That's because our approach is radically different than these failed tactics. Here's how...

While conventional doctors are handing out more blood pressure drugs than ever before to lower their patients' numbers, I'm doing something unheard of in medical circles:

I'm uncovering and correcting the real causes
of my patients’ high blood pressure

You may be surprised to learn that doctors don't know what's really causing 90% of the high blood pressure cases in the US (they openly admit this!) — even though most are convinced that salt, stress, heredity, and being overweight are the major culprits.

"I'm off all my BP drugs!"

But as you'll see in a moment: Most hypertension isn't caused by consuming too much salt. Or being overweight. Or by "blood pressure genes."

Something else is causing the 150 million cases of abnormal blood pressure we have in the US right now. And that "something" is:

The bad advice you've been getting from doctors, our government and the food industry!

In The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure, you'll see scientifically-documented proof that much of the dietary advice you've been receiving from these "official sources" since the 1970s about...

... saturated fat ... cholesterol ... sodium ... vegetable oils ... margarine ... red meat ... eggs ... butter ...

Has been wrong, wrong, WRONG!

Their advice, epitomized by the famous USDA Food Pyramid of the 1990s...

...is largely responsible for the outbreak of high blood pressure in the US today — plus the related epidemics of obesity … Type 2 diabetes ... heart disease ... and Alzheimer's disease.

In fact, many of the foods that doctors and food manufacturers encourage the public to consume are producing devastating effects on our health by raising our blood pressure and blood sugar.

"Pyramid Power” Gone Wrong

The USDA Food Guide Pyramid was created to help consumers lower their risk for heart disease, cancer and other health problems, which were supposedly caused by dietary fat.

But the Pyramid made our health problems worse because it urged us to fill our plates with carbohydrates: 6 to 11 daily servings of potatoes, pasta, bread, rice, and corn — foods that directly lead to high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Fatty foods and oils — plus other "bad" foods such as meat, butter and cheese

— were the ones we should go easy on or avoid completely. Yet, as you'll discover in The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure,these foods aren't bad at all. In fact, they are highly beneficial for your heart, blood sugar, and blood pressure.

The Pyramid was convincing — and utterly wrong. The result was a dramatic increase in the incidence of heart disease, stroke, cancers, Type 2 diabetes — and yes, high blood pressure.

Tragically, doctors and the food industry are still pushing this mistaken dietary notion on unsuspecting consumers.

The public has been following this faulty dietary advice from doctors, the federal government and the food industry to a T since the 1980s — and has been getting fatter and sicker every decade...

...while pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers, and the medical industry have been getting richer and richer.

Those are bold statements. So let me back them up with some of the science you'll find in The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure ...

Salt isn't the danger that doctors claim!

Don't give up your salt shaker! As you’ll see in The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure, sodium isn't the health threat that doctors claim.

Are you forcing down bland, unsalted food because you've been told that sodium will raise your blood pressure and give you a stroke?

Not only is this a waste of time and effort (unless you are one of the relatively few people who are "salt sensitive) — but reducing your salt intake could actually be dangerous!

Here's proof: 57 clinical studies on the effects of salt on cardiovascular disease show that cutting back on salt the way doctors are badgering you to do...

...will only shave one measly point off your blood pressure — and does nothing to protect you from a heart attack or stroke. Nothing! (Read the scientific evidence on PAGE 97 of The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure.)

On the contrary, three separate studies (cited on PAGE 98) show that restricting salt can actually increase the risk of death in many people by a whopping 500%!

Is this valuable information to you? You bet it is! And this is just the beginning of the surprising new blood pressure revelations that await you in The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure. Here's another...

Low-fat diets don't protect against heart attacks — they cause them!

"We Were Wrong About Butter"

"Unfortunately, as a physician back in the 1980s, I was telling people they should replace butter with margarine because it was cholesterol-free, and professional organizations like the AHA were telling us as physicians that we should be promoting this.

"In reality, there was never any evidence that these margarines, that were high in trans-fat, were any better

than butter, and as it turned out, they were actually far worse than butter."

Walter C. Willett, MD, PhD, MPH, professor and chairman of the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, and a principal investigator in the Nurses' Health Study (NHS), one of the largest, long-term investigations into the effects of diet on human health.

Evolved On

Meat, eggs and full-fat dairy foods, including butter, yogurt and cheese, are part of our natural diets. This conclusion isn't just based on numerous medical studies — but also on history.

Humans (Homo sapiens) evolved on animal fat and protein for more than 500,000 years. Heart disease, cancer and diabetes did not start showing up until refined carbohydrates and vegetable oils became part of the modern diet.

Coincidence? We don't think so. Read the convincing scientific evidence, starting on PAGE 193.

Doctors have been telling the American public to eat a "heart-healthy, low-fat diet" since the 1980s to reduce our blood pressure and risk of heart disease.

And the public faithfully followed their advice. Since that time consumption of fatty foods in the US has dropped, according to USDA statistics. But a curious thing happened as a result...

People didn't get slimmer and healthier as doctors claimed we would. In fact, just the opposite happened: The US and developed countries experienced the largest increase in the number of overweight and obese people in history — and the number of heart attacks didn't budge. Heart disease is still the leading killer on the planet!

Why? Because food manufacturers replaced the fat in their "low-fat" foods with three food ingredients that raise blood pressure and cause weight gain, Type 2 diabetes and obesity. (These are identified on PAGE 157 of The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure, so you can kick them out of your diet to improve your blood pressure.)

Sure enough, when modern-day researchers investigated this phenomenon more closely, they made this stunning discovery:

Low-fat diets make hypertension worse!

I bet you never would have guessed that low-fat diets actually elevate blood pressure (scientific proof on PAGE 158). They do this by flooding the body with insulin, which raises blood pressure (see Harvard researchers’ findings on PAGE 159). In their words:

"Dietary fat
used to be
Public Enemy #1."

"Now a growing and convincing body of science is pointing the finger at carbs — especially those containing refined flour and sugar."

Edward Saltzman, MD, associate professor of nutrition and medicine at Tufts University (from PAGE 115)

"...if insulin levels remain high, the result would be constantly elevated blood pressure."

This is precisely why high blood pressure appears so frequently with Type 2 diabetes. Yet this can happen to anyone who consumes the typical low-fat diet. You'll read why on PAGE 159 of The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure — plus what you could be eating instead to help lower your blood pressure.

Many of the "heart-healthy" foods we’re told to eat actually
raise our blood pressure!

In 1860, a German chemist named Carl von Voit made a remarkable discovery...

...and if you're currently struggling with your blood pressure, you’ll definitely want to know about it.

Dr. von Voit found that certain foods, which were just being introduced into the American diet at that time, caused the human body to retain water, which increased the volume of fluid in the circulatory system (commonly called "bloating"), and thus raised the pressure in blood vessels.

Dr. Carl von Voit (1831- 1908), the "father of modern dietetics," is remembered for his 1860 discovery of foods that raise blood pressure - and how BP normalizes when these foods are removed from one's diet.

Unfortunately, his finding has been lost from modern medical textbooks - and his important discovery forgotten - until now.

Mind you, these weren't "salty foods" or "fatty foods."

Instead, the foods that elevate blood pressure the most, according to Dr. von Voit’s 153-year-old discovery...

...turn out to be some of the very foods that today's doctors say we should eat more of as part of a "heart-healthy, low-fat diet."

In fact, medical organizations such as the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association recommend that up to 65% of your diet should come from these foods.

That's up to 11 servings every day. No wonder we have an epidemic of high blood pressure in the US and around the world today!

But there's more to the story...

Dr. von Voit's discovery was confirmed in 1899 by Dr Francis Benedict, director of the nutrition laboratory of the Carnegie Institute, who described what happens when you quit eating these troublesome foods:

"There is a distinct tendency for the body to lose water."

Dr. Francis Benedict (1870-1957), Director of the Nutrition Laboratory of the Carnegie Institute and one of the world's foremost nutritional investigators. His research confirmed the findings of Dr. von Voit, which represents one of the simplest solutions ever discovered to the problem of high blood pressure.

This was wonderful news — because this loss of fluid is accompanied by a drop in blood pressure. (This is exactly the way blood pressure drugs called diuretics work — only without the side effects!) In fact, cutting out these foods can lower blood pressure so significantly that early researchers worried it might drop it "too low."

What are the foods that really cause high blood pressure?

So what are these popular foods which are likely raising your blood pressure and increasing your risk for heart attack or stroke?

And which foods help drop your blood pressure down to normal levels — so you can quit worrying about your numbers and get off your medications?

In a moment, I'll give you some specific examples of these "hurting and healing foods" cited in The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure. And you won't want to miss these tips because they can help you normalize your blood pressure so you can get off your drugs.

 And that will be a great day for you because...

....blood pressure medications are not the answer to today’s epidemic of high blood pressure — except in the opinion of drug company executives.

What most patients don't realize is:

Blood pressure drugs are a massive experiment on patients!

This may come as no surprise if you are taking these medications.

A new review of 4 major studies reveals that blood pressure medications fail to protect the majority of patients from the nasty consequences of hypertension (sudden heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure).

In other words: These drugs are useless except in the most severe cases.

Even more worrisome: More than half of all patients taking these medications do not have their blood pressure under control or down to a healthy level. (See the proof on PAGE 15 of The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure.)

In fact, these drugs resemble a massive experiment on patients!

Currently, there are more than 60 different blood pressure drugs available to doctors. Since they are never sure which one will work for a patient, their strategy is to pick one and see what happens. If it doesn't work, they add a second one, and then a third, and even a fourth — until your numbers get driven down.

According to one of the world's leading experts on high blood pressure: "...if the first choice doesn't work, add a second, a third or a fourth drug type. This approach leads to an over-utilization of drugs per patient and has been associated with poor outcomes." And by "poor outcomes," he means premature death and nasty side effects! More details on PAGE 33.

Here's What Most Patients Don't Realize:

There are plenty of effective ways to improve and reverse hypertension — and not one involves drugs.

The healing foods, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes you’ll discover in The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure have been highly successful for tens of thousands of patients — so you can be confident that they’ll work for you, too.

And these are not radical changes that will turn your life upside down. On the contrary. Small changes can work wonders when it comes to healing your blood pressure.

Here's a sneak peek: Add a little olive oil to your diet. Eat more fresh berries and yogurt. And pass on the bread and baked goods.

How hard is that?

Did you realize that blood pressure medications carry some of the worst side effects and dangers of all pharmaceutical drugs? (The list of adverse side effects begins on PAGE 36 of The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure so you can see if you are being affected.) More about these a little later.

If you're thinking: "That's insane!" — You’re right. But you don't have to go along with this crazy strategy because...

There is a better, safer, and easier way
to get your blood pressure under control

You see, many doctors aren't telling their patients that hypertension isn't a true medical disease, except in rare instances.

"Off my meds and feel great!"

Instead, high blood pressure is a lifestyle condition that's mainly caused by what we consume — and how we live.

That's why people usually don't get better on drugs and prescriptions — because you can't cure a lifestyle problem with a medical solution.

But improving what you eat and how you live almost always works. In most cases, you can turn your health around pretty quickly this way — often in just 30 days or less.

And this solution usually doesn’t involve any medications.

Unfortunately, you won't find this drug-free solution at your doctor's office, unless he or she has an unusually open mind — and plenty of experience with diet-and-lifestyle improvement and natural healing techniques.

The blood pressure cure right under our noses

While the medical community may be closer than ever to recognizing the true cause and cure for high blood pressure...

...it will be decades before the average patient will hear the news — even though Jim Healthy and I are doing our utmost to spread the word.

The good news is that you won’t have to wait for your doctor to wake up.

Remember when doctors promoted smoking?

The public has been getting bad advice from doctors since before the days of blood-letting. In the 1950s, cigarette ads used MDs to promote their products — even though many scientists were warning about the hazards in cigarettes.

Today, much of the medical advice about the causes and treatments for high blood pressure is equally flawed. In The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure, you’ll read the scientific findings and clinical studies that contradict much of the advice patients are receiving from their doctors.

Because once you discover this true underlying cause of high blood pressure, you'll be able to simply sidestep it to experience an immediate improvement in your numbers.

That's why Jim and I are inviting you to download the e-book version of The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure right now — with absolutely no risk to you — so you can...

Discover the common foods and beverages
that can spike your blood pressure

Giving these up "will produce a dramatic improvement on your blood pressure, your blood sugar and your weight." Discover what they are on PAGE 217.

For instance, you'll learn all about...

 The true dietary villain in the American diet. This common food ingredient is the real cause of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and heart disease — even though your doctor probably hasn't gotten the message yet. It is exposed on PAGE 153 — and it's not fat or salt!

 The popular beverages that drive your blood pressure up! They cause hypertension after just two weeks of moderate consumption. This is confirmed by no fewer than 17 studies. Want to know what these beverages are, so you can cut them out? Just turn to PAGE 158 in The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure.

The 13 Worst
Enemies of Your
Blood Pressure!

Removing these 13 foods and ingredients from your diet (listed on PAGE 188) has the same effect on your blood pressure as taking a diuretic drug (which causes the kidneys to excrete sodium and water). Result? Your blood pressure drops — usually without the need for drugs!

 The 10 worst foods for your blood pressure. Shockingly, these are among the most popular foods in the modern diet. Don’t miss PAGE 163.

 Why cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease. There are stacks of scientific proof supporting this! Read the startling story beginning on PAGE 176.

 Why we crave the foods that raise our blood pressure. Surprise! The urge for these hypertension-causing foods and beverages is coded in our DNA from eons ago. But you'll see how you can easily conquer these cravings to bring your blood pressure down. Don't miss PAGE 190.

 And that's just for openers! You'll find plenty more of these innocent-looking "blood pressure bad guys" lurking in your kitchen and around your home!

PLUS: You'll also learn about the delicious foods you should be substituting in their place. They are so powerfully therapeutic that the Jim and I call them:

The Juice That
Lowers Blood
Pressure Fast!

British researchers found that this juice lowers blood pressure within three hours of drinking just one cup. And the effect lasts for 24 hours. Amazing! Don't miss PAGE 212.

“The Hypertension-Healing Foods”

Yes, there are foods which can lower your blood pressure naturally — while they help heal the damage that hypertension may have done to your arteries, tissues and organs.

You'll find all of these wonderful healing foods and beverages described in The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure. For example, you’ll read about...

The Most
Healing Fat For
Your Arteries And
Blood Pressure:

Nothing compares to omega-3-rich fish oil for lowering blood pressure and healing your arteries!

According to a 2005 study, omega-3 fats have prevented more cardiac deaths and overall mortality than the cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins.

Don’t like fish? Turn to PAGE 152 to discover the best plant and vegetable sources of omega-3s.

 The stroke-prevention fruit. This yummy fruit really packs a wallop of potassium and magnesium — two minerals proven to lower blood pressure. The New England Journal of Medicine published a study showing that eating this fruit regularly can lower your risk of stroke by a whopping 40%. Full details on PAGES 211-212.

 The top anti-hypertension vegetable. This hypertension-fighting veggie is positively "the King!" Revealed on PAGE 213.

 Eat more of this yummy spice! Sprinkle it on almost everything you eat — and watch your blood pressure go down. PAGE 214.

 Mother Nature's safe "diuretic" vegetable. This crunchy vegetable snack contains natural compounds that eliminate the excess water your body is holding onto. Result? Less blood volume to reduce your blood pressure. BONUS: Your heart won’t have to work so hard. PAGES 214-215.

 Banish vampires and hypertension. Garlic seems to do both. While I haven't seen any studies on vampires, this medical study (described on PAGE 217) shows that garlic caused significant drops in blood pressure in patients with severe hypertension, just hours after it was consumed.

Chocolate triggers the release of nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels and allows them to dilate. Result? Blood flows more freely with less pressure. (p.216)

 How olive oil lowers blood pressure. Clinical studies prove that it lowers blood pressure. About a tablespoon or so on your salad does the trick! Full details on PAGE 222.

 You say "potato" ... The humble spud packs a mighty punch when it comes to lowering blood pressure. In fact, potatoes act like ACE-inhibitor drugs (without the side effects). PAGE 226 explains why.

 Lower your blood pressure with chocolate! Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? But more than 20 scientific studies prove it works. But not all chocolate has this effect. See PAGE 216 for the type that does.

 Snack your hypertension away! Soy nuts possess the uncanny ability to lower blood pressure. (See the proof on PAGE 228.) How do they do it? Researchers say that soy proteins help dilate blood vessels, so they open wider to lower pressure.

 Plus much, much more. You'll discover 26 foods with clinically-proven abilities to reduce blood pressure. In addition, you’ll read about 5 spices ... 7 beverages ... and 19 supplements which can help you get (and keep!) your blood pressure in the safety zone. You won't find a more complete list – or more up-to-date research – in one place.

You can have all this life-saving information in the palm of your hand immediately – just by clicking this yellow button now...

Drink This Tea
To Instantly Drop
Your BP!

This exotic Hawaiian flower (identified on PAGE 236) can be purchased in almost any supermarket.

Here's it's amazing secret: Drinking a tea made from it every day lowered blood pressure by an astounding 17 points. That's impressive!

You'll also discover an easy step-by-step Plan that
lowers your blood pressure day after day!

Don't let the sheer volume of this new information intimidate you. Jim Healthy and I realize this can seem like a lot to digest.

That's why we organized all this practical information for you in a "Day-By-Day Plan" that makes getting control of your blood pressure as easy as following your car's GPS navigation directions.

In fact, The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure Plan (beginning on PAGE 178) is so easy to follow, it’s practically foolproof! Here's why...

"Off meds -- and thinking clearer!"

Every day, you simply add one blood-pressure-healing element to your normal schedule – or eliminate one action that's making your condition worse.

And Jim and I have front-loaded this 30-day plan with the actions that have the most important impact early on. This way, you'll see and feel results quickly.

By the end of 30 days, you'll be living a super-healthful lifestyle that can give you perfect blood pressure – without turning your routine schedule upside-down!

This "take you by the hand" approach is the secret of my success with my blood pressure patients. (Be sure to click on the video testimonials throughout this letter.)

Eggs Are A Perfect Food For Your Heart And Blood Pressure!

Doctors have been flip-flopping about eggs for decades. In 1956, doctors blamed America’s rising rates of heart disease on consumption of butter,lard, beef, and eggs. Eggs, they said, contain too much cholesterol.

The famous cardiologist, Paul Dudley White, M.D., was one of the few physicians at the time who rejected this notion, noting that heart attacks were non-existent

in 1900 (when egg consumption was three times what it was in the 1950s).

Doctors still advise us to consume eggs no more than one or two times per week. But this is simply more bad advice. In a 2005 study, participants who ate two eggs every day for six weeks showed no increase in total cholesterol, no increase in LDL (bad) cholesterol, and no narrowing of the arteries.

Let me give you an example of how
The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure works...

Day 1: You'll discover the single, most important thing you can do to lower your blood pressure into "the safety zone." In fact, 25 percent of patients who did this discovered that they didn't really have high blood pressure at all – despite their original diagnosis! (Don't miss PAGE 322.)

"Now my blood pressure is great!"

Day 2: Is coffee good or bad for your blood pressure? What about these other popular caffeinated beverages? On PAGE 329 you’ll discover an easy way to tell how these beverages are affecting your blood pressure – and the healthful substitutes that may be better for you.

Day 3: These are absolutely the worst beverages for your blood pressure (see PAGE 333). Avoid these, and your blood pressure will thank you. On Day 3, you’ll switch to these healthful substitutes (list begins on PAGE 335) to see a welcome improvement in your BP readings. This small swap can make a big difference.

Day 4: This amazing juice includes the best blood pressure-lowering vegetables. Juice them yourself with these easy directions – or purchase this commercial juice (named on PAGE 344), which is a good stand-in.

Day 5: These are the top blood pressure-healing veggies – cooked or raw (turn to PAGE 348). Add them to your meals for a yummy way to drop your numbers! Recipes included.

Day 7: Some people say you must "go vegetarian" to lower your blood pressure. This is completely mistaken. What you must do, however, is eliminate all of these "junky protein" sources from your diet (see PAGE 362) – and replace them with these clean, lean meat and animal products. Don't like meat? No problem. Just choose from these protein-rich plant foods instead.

Day 8: Swap out these "top 10 worst fast carb foods" in your diet (listed on PAGE 370) for these healthful "slow carbs." Why? They’re loaded with dietary fiber, which lowers your blood pressure and helps prevent stroke.

Day 10: Kick these toxic food ingredients out of your diet today! They are just bad for your blood pressure – they're bad for your entire health. Discover "the top 10 worst" beginning on PAGE 380. (Surprise: They're already lurking in your favorite foods and beverages!)

Every new Day of the Plan is
an eye-opening education about
your blood pressure and your health!

This is valuable, life-saving information you can use right away with surprising results.

In the future, young medical students and doctors will be educated about the value of good nutrition and lifestyle improvement as the "best medicine" for reversing hypertension.

Unfortunately, most people with high blood pressure may not live to see that day.

But you will have a huge advantage after reading The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure. You're going to see how you can nudge your blood pressure into the "safety zone" so you can...

 Reduce and eliminate your blood pressure medications.

 Protect yourself from a life-threatening heart attack or stroke.

 Live a longer, healthier and happier life without depending on doctors and drugs.

Please don't let yourself become another unfortunate blood pressure statistic. Or worse: a victim of a sudden heart attack or fatal stroke.

Yes, you really can get your blood pressure under control – and leave all those drugs behind.

Let Jim and I show you how – without any risk to you whatsoever!

Download your personal e-book copy of
The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure!

There's never been a blood pressure book like The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure.

It makes the process so easy! You just follow these simple, painless steps day-by-day and watch your blood pressure become healthier and healthier.

And it really works!

This is your invitation to download an e-copy now – with absolutely no risk and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Here's our promise to you...

"It's an amazing change!"

"Your blood pressure readings must improve dramatically within the first 30 days of following these practical tips – or we will refund the full price of the book with no hassles and, no questions asked."

You must see your blood pressure plummet as a result of putting the tips and techniques from The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure into practice – or you won't spend a penny for this wealth of information.

Reversing your high blood pressure can truly be this simple!

But powerful special interests, such as the drug industry and Big Medicine, would rather you didn't know the truth.

They stand to rake in billions of dollars by "medicalizing" this easy-to-beat condition – yet their drugs don't do a thing to cure this dangerous condition.

Please don't get trapped in this "no-win" situation! Just click the yellow, odd-shaped button below to order a copy of The 30-Day Blood Pressure Cure.

You'll also receive these 4 Special Reports
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 Blood pressure drugs that shorten your life. Confirmed by a large study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Names revealed in this Special Report. Read the details on PAGES 35-36.

 Medications that can kill. This commonly-prescribed medication (identified on PAGE 37) weakens the heartbeat to decrease blood pressure. Problem: Its deadly side effect can cause heart failure. Are you currently taking it?

 Drugs that steal your body's magnesium. These drugs (revealed on PAGE 38) rob your body of this vital mineral via frequent urination. Yet magnesium is absolutely necessary for healthy heart function, blood sugar control, sleep and relaxation. Result? These drugs can cause higher blood pressure and serious cardiovascular problems. Don't miss this!

 Beta-blockers don't protect against heart attack or stroke. A large study showed that these medications (check PAGE 39 to see if your drug is listed) are useless for protecting you from a cardiac emergency.

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 Don't toss out your salt shaker. Restricting your salt consumption produces no protection against heart attack, stroke or premature death. In fact, a low-salt diet can increase the risk of premature death by 500%! (You'll see the documented proof in this Special Report.)

 How did doctors get it so wrong? See the studies that prove cutting back on salt is a waste of time. On PAGE 97.

 Too much sodium isn't the problem. Instead, Americans aren't getting enough of this essential mineral (revealed on PAGES 97-105). More of it actually corrects "the sodium problem."

 The most healthful salt to buy. These natural salts (identified on PAGE 109) are actually much better for you than ordinary processed table salt.

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 Why "pre-hypertension" is a bogus diagnosis. Read how the drug industry "created" it to increase their sales. 

 Is higher blood pressure normal with aging? More important: Is pre-hypertension a true danger to your health? Here's what the latest scientific research shows... (on PAGE 70). 

 The truth about free blood pressure screenings. The secret reason drug companies and pharmacy chains sponsor free blood pressure "check-ups."

 The smarter way to read blood pressure. Called "pulse pressure," it's a better predictor of potential stroke and cardiovascular events. And you don't need a doctor to read it! Instructions on PAGE 30.

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"The Blood Pressure Mistake Most Doctors Make" ($14.95 retail value). Discover how doctors and nurses are actually causing hypertension in 25% of all blood pressure patients. Are you one of them? This Special Report will really open your eyes!

 Are you taking medication unnecessarily? One in four people diagnosed with hypertension actually don't have high blood pressure at all. Many are taking medications that they don't need. Are you one of them? See how to tell, on PAGE 53.

 Is your doctor raising your blood pressure? Here's the only way to tell for sure. Read how on PAGES 56-57.

 Why you should always take your own blood pressure. PAGE 58 reveals why – and provides you with step-by-step instructions.

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